List of 136 Loyalists Captured during the Snow Campaign

The following letter and attached list of 136 Loyalists were first published (1855) in a book by R. W. Gibbes, M. D. entitled Documentary History of the American Revolution Consisting of Letters and Papers Relating to the Contest for liberty, Chiefly in South Carolina, from Originals in the Possession of the Editor and Other Sources, at pages 249-253.  Biographical sketches of four of the most important of these men are appended to this web site and are accessible from the hyperlinks shown below.


Mr. Richardson to the Council of Safety

[Original MS.]

[To] The Honorable the Council of Safety.

CONGAREES, January 2d, 1776.


By Col. Thomson of the rangers, you will receive, if nothing happens, the prisoners, we thought proper to detain, which, upon examination, find were the most leading and active, in taking the powder at Ninety-Six, and the late camp. They were long out before taken, and have been some time since in durance, from which circumstances they of course will make but a despicable appearance, adding also, that the spirit of humility and contrition takes place of the opposite character. I shall say but little now, as I wrote so fully yesterday by express. I am at a loss to know how to recommend my brother Colonel, will only say his behavior has been as becomes him, and deserves your notice. My hurry in getting off the people provisions, etc., obliges me to desist, and only add that

I am, gentlemen,

Your most obedient humble servant,




[Original MS.]


  1. Colonel Fletchall.

  2. John Mayfield, Ninety-Six, Militia Captain.

  3. Benjamin Wofford, Militia Captain.

  4. Richard. Pearis, Scopholite Captain, Ninety-Six.

  5. Math. Floyd, Ninety-Six, Militia Captain.

  6. David George, Militia Captain.

  7. Pat. McDade.

  8. Wm. Hunt, Scopholite Captain, Ninety-Six, Mulatto.

  9. Geo. Zuber, Ninety-Six, Militia Captain, said to murder a prisoner.

  10. Jacob Fry, Scopholite Captain, Ninety-Six.

  11. Capt. Jones, Scopholite Captain, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Colored, Powder Man.

  12. Capt. Pearis, Scopholite Adjutant, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  13. Capt. Bowman, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man, Militia Captain.

  14. Captain Harvey, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man, Militia Captain.

  15. Capt. Clery, Scopholite, Ninety-Six.

  16. Capt. Lindley, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Militia Captain.

  17. Capt York, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man, Militia Captain, Press Master General, deemed a bad man by both parties, to be delivered by Maj. Williamson.

  18. David Cunningham deemed a bad man by both parties, to be delivered by Captain Williamson.

  19. George Nealey, Commissary General, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Pow­der Man.

  20. Thomas Combs, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  21. Thomas Tomlin, Cane Break, Powder Man.

  22. Jeremiah Ward, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man, and a very bad man.

  23. Henry Green, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man, Militia Captain.

  24. Sam. Proctor, Cane Brake, Powder Man, Militia Captain.

  25. John Norris, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  26. Benj. Stone, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  27. John Davies, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  28. David Reese, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  29. Thomas Carter, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  30. James Derumple, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  31. James McGill, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  32. Wm. Johnston, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  33. Thomas Wisdom, Cane Brake, Powder Man, Lieut. in the Militia, and an extreme active man.

  34. Abraham Nabors, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  35. Isaac Nabors, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  36. George Carter, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  37. Thomas Gill, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  38. William Stone, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  39. Robert Proctor, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man, a very bad man.

  40. Caleb Stone, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  41. James Carter, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  42. Robert Grey, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  43. Captain Hilburn, an active man.

  44. Elisha Watson, Cane Brake.

  45. John Helms, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  46. Thomas Alison, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  47. Wm. Matthews, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  48. David Alison, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  49. Wm. Alison, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  50. Robert Wood, Cane Brake.

  51. John Miller, Ninety-Six, sent from Ninety-Six.

  52. Henry Strum, Ninety-Six.

  53. Thomas Neville, Cane Brake.

  54. Christopher Reuben, Cane Brake.

  55. Robin Brown, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Powder Man.

  56. John Reid, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  57. James Reid, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  58. Adam Frelick, Ninety-Six.

  59. Fred. Bagwell, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  60. John Wright, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  61. James Johnston, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  62. James Camell, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  63. Wm. Cox, Cane Brake.

  64. Fred. Reuben, Cane Brake.

  65. Thomas Good, Cane Brake.

  66. Moses Casey, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  67. Adam Purdue, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  68. John Casey, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  69. Jesse Casey, Cane Brake.

  70. John Rigdell, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  71. John Rigdell, jun., Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  72. Emanuel Miller, went from Ninety-Six to join the opposite party.

  73. Henry Attolph, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, Lieut. Major.

  74. John Meek, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  75. James Mills, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  76. Francis Regan,  Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  77. Wm. Burrows, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  78. Benj. Stone.

  79. Joshua Niblet, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  80. Joshua Fowler, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  81. Richard. Fowler, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  82. Samuel Harris, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  83. John Goff, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  84. Robert Westmoreland, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  85. Thomas Welch, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  86. Holl’y Power, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  87. Hugh Abernathy, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  88. David. Reese, mentioned before.

  89. Jacob Wittherow, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  90. John Wittherow, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  91. Chris. Tongues, Cane Brake.

  92. John Burrows, Ninety-Six, Cane Broke.

  93. Hen. Centerfitts, Ninety-Six.

  94. Wm. Mills, Ninety-Six.

  95. Henry Citeman, a very bad man.

  96. Wm. Caldwell, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  97. And. Aventer, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  98. Abel Bowling, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  99. Owen Reid, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  100. Dennis McCarty, Ninety-Six, Powder Man.

  101. Tho. Rogers, Cane Brake.

  102. Harmon Dildine, Cane Brake.

  103. Isaac Evans, mentioned.

  104. Benjamin Gregory, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  105. Joseph Turner, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  106. James Nicholl, Cane Brake.

  107. Edw'd. Lang, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  108. James Wright, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  109. John Evans, Cane Broke.

  110. John Welch, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  111. Wm. Elliott, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  112. Leon'd. Nix, Cane Brake.

  113. Wm. Payne, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  114. Henry Goff, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  115. David. Nielson, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  116. John Morgan, Cane Brake.

  117. Fred. Hartwell, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  118. Dan. Allen, Cane Brake, lame.

  119. Henry Counts, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  120. Elisha Robinson, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  121. James Burgess, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake, an old man, but bloody-minded.

  122. Thomas Gill, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  123. Holly Goff, died on the road.

  124. John Tominson, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  125. Hugh Nealey, Ninety-Six, but surrendered himself to Col. Richardson.

  126. Witnall Warner, supposed to rob Mr. Pendleton's lodgings at Ninety-Six.

  127. Wm. Watson, harmless man, but at the Cane Brake.

  128. Christopher Casey, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  129. John M. Williams, the machine maker to set fire to the Ninety-Six Fort.

  130. Jos. Alexander, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  131. James Davies, Ninety-Six, Cane Brake.

  132. Phil. Wells, Ninety-Six.

  133. Jacob Stack, Ninety-Six.

  134. Dan. Stagner, Ninety-Six.

  135. Capt. Nealey Carghill, and

  136. Capt. Edgehill, one sick, but both to be delivered up 1st February.


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